Corporate law and business law

Extremely rich and lively fields, business law and company law have become essential in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Cornerstone of the attractiveness of the country, especially for foreign businessmen and investors, business law is however a complex subject area that is involving economy, finance, globalization and legal rules.

This field has also been subject to numerous legal reforms in recent years.

Martin Law Firm offers its clients all its proficiency in order to create and manage the legal entity adapted to their business project.

Business law is a constantly evolving field due to its close link with the economy and is the subject of numerous legislative reforms that have made it more complex.

We offer legal advices and all the assistance needed to let our clients focus on the core business and only on the core business.

For this purpose, Martin Law Firm offers assistance regarding:

  • Company incorporation, A.S.B.L. incorporation;
  • Domiciliary Services including day-to-day follow-up;
  • Business permit application including permit for classified activity (“commodo/incommodo” authorization);
  • Company or business takeover, transfer or sale of a company or a business;
  • Rectification of the articles of association and publication of information in the Luxembourg Trade register;
  • Company reorganization;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings, winding-up a company;
  • Negotiating and drafting a shareholders’ agreement;
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing any legal documentation (agreement, general terms and conditions, minutes of a general meeting,…);
  • Dealing with legal disputes and extra-judicial disputes between shareholders or with third parties;
  • Business criminal law.