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    Our firm endeavours to provide personalised legal advice to its clients by prioritising close cooperation with them at all times so as to gauge in optimal fashion their personal or corporate expectations in a flexible environment of trust and confidence, where close attention is always paid to the urgency of the situations.

    Respect, independence, ambition, determination, ethics and tolerance are the firm’s core values, always in line with the evolving needs of each and everyone, in a socio-economic context in perpetual motion.

    Furthermore, to meet the demands of our customers who are often confronted with problems of international scope, in 2005 the firm joined the Legal Netlink Alliance (LNA) which comprises some one hundred law firms in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East, with which our firm maintains close ties.

    Finally our team is capable of advising you in French, English, German, Luxembourgish, Italian and Arabic.



    Areas of legal practice and expertise


    Every decision entails a certain level of risk, whether financial or legal. Risk comes in many guises on the legal front. It may emerge from a contractual, structural, individual, wage-related or other suchlike context. Risk management consists not of eliminating all risk, but of assessing it.

    Knowing the impact of decisions and assessing the consequences and scope of a risk are indispensable for better action planning and decision-making purposes.

    The firm relies on its experience to provide advice and assess the legal risks at every step of the decision-making process, both in legal proceedings but also when drawing up a contract, conducting out-of-court negotiations or giving legal advice to a client.

    The firm has acquired particular knowledge and expertise in a wide range of fields, particularly:


    « Ask counsel of him who rules himself well »
    Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 - 1519)

    Our team

    Our lawyers at Luxembourg


    Sabrina MARTIN

    Founding Attorney at law

    A member of the Luxembourg Bar since 1996, Sabrina Martin holds a degree from the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management of the University of Strasbourg.

    Sabrina Martin founded her law firm in 2005 and has since surrounded herself with dynamic and devoted associates who are fully devoted to the satisfaction of the firm’s clients.

    The firm joined the Legal Netlink Alliance (LNA) which comprises more than one hundred international law firms, with which it maintains close ties.

    Mrs Martin has through the years gained solid experience in different areas of specialisation relating to the legal needs of companies to specialise in business law, commercial law, real estate law, social law as well as in transport and logistics law.

    Her involvement in the cases referred to her often exceeds the simple practice of traditional law and encompasses all aspects of business in compliance with EU and international standards.

    Mrs Martin has thus cultivated privileged, long-term relations with her clientele, whereby a relationship of trust and confidence that she establishes with her clients remains her overriding priority.


    Fatiha DAHOU


    Sworn into the Luxembourg Bar in 2008, Fatiha Dahou, barrister, joined the Martin Law Firm in October 2008.

    Her generalist legal training enables her to tackle many areas of law.  She has gained professional experience particularly in labour law and family law.

    Mrs Dahou opted to work in this sensitive area which calls for a different treatment than other fields of law given the stakes of the family and family assets.

    In addition to divorce, Mrs Dahou also works in areas that deal with the rights of the child, such as custody rights, visitation and accommodation rights, parental authority, alimony for a child’s maintenance and education, etc., where the interest of the child obviously takes priority at all times.


    Jrme-COMMODI-ConvertImageJérôme COMMODI

    Attorney at law

    A member of the Luxembourg Bar since 2011, Jérôme COMMODI joined the Martin Law Firm after several professional experiences in renowed Luxembourg business and litigation law firms.

    Jérôme COMMODI holds a Bachelor of Law with Honours in European Business Law from Dundee University (Scotland), a Master degree in International Business Law from University of Law of Lorraine (France) and a LLM 2 in European General Law of Luxembourg University.

    Jérôme is building his work experience in many legal areas such as labour law, civil and commercial litigation law, competition law and data protection law.


    Melissa-Morocutti-ConvertImageMelissa MOROCUTTI


    Admitted to the Luxembourg Bar in June 2016 and graduated from the univsersities of Luxembourg and Strasbourg, Melissa MOROCUTTI joined Martin Avocats since being called to the Bar.

    Holder of a bachelor degree from the University of Luxembourg, a master I degree in private law and a master II degree in national, european and international family law, Melissa MOROCUTTI also practices in various other legal areas.

    Melissa MOROCUTTI can assist you in Luxembourgish, French, English and German.



    Agathe-MARHOFFER-ConvertImageAgathe MARHOFFER


    Graduated from the Law Faculty of Lorraine with a specialisation in health law, Agathe MARHOFFER practiced for 2 years as a jurist in a health facility.

    Admitted to the Luxembourg Bar in September 2016, Agathe MARHOFFER practices since then at Martin Avocats in various legal areas such as labour law, civil and criminal law as well as health law.







    Graduated from the Law faculty of Strasbourg and Montpellier, Mr Cédric DVORATCHEK developed a speciality in business law. Holder of a master II degree in banking and finance law, company law and property security law have also been at the heart of his academic background.

    Cédric DVORATCHEK joined Martin Avocats in 2016 as a jurist.







    Christine SCHMITT

    Administrative manager

    Administrative officer. Mrs Schmitt joined Martin Law Firm in April 2005, and can assist you in French, English and German.






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